2018 Wei Mi price underwear fell sharply and even diamonds are fake

2018 Wei Mi price underwear fell sharply and even diamonds are fake


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On November 5th, Wei Mi officially announced that Angel Elsa Hosk will

wear this year’s 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra show. At the same

time, the most eye-catching lingerie of the year is also

surfaced. This year, it was designed and produced

exclusively by Atelier Swarovski, with more than

2,100 Swarovski synthetic diamonds and topaz.

Hey! Knock on the blackboard, you are not mistaken,

it is synthetic diamonds and topaz. This year’s high

-priced underwear is worth 1 million US dollars.

We must know that in the early years, the price of

underwear can be millions or even tens of millions of dollars.

For example, in 2000, the value of high-priced underwear worn

by “Ji Niang” Gisele Bundchen was as high as 15 million

US dollars; in 2001, the price of underwear was worth

12.5 million US dollars.

However, in recent years, the value of Wei Mi’s high-priced

underwear has continued to shrink: in 2017, the price of

underwear was named “Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra” worth

2 million US dollars; in 2016, the price of underwear

was named “BRIGHT NIGHT FANTASY BRA” worth 3 million

US dollars; In 2015, it was worth 2 million US dollars;

in 2014, although it was made in two pieces, the unit

price of each piece was only 2 million US dollars.

It is well known that Wei Mi’s financial reports and sales

performance in recent years are not ideal. Therefore, the price

of underwear in the past four years is not as good as the tens

of millions of postures in the early years.

However, even if the value shrinks, the annual price of

underwear is still made of rare gems. They are real real

jewelry. Maybe I want to play something new. This year’

high-priced underwear has taken the technology

and environmental protection route, and rare gems have

become artificial diamonds born in the laboratory.

So the value plummeted to a record low of $1 million,

and more than half of the $1 million was due to a small 1,000-hour labor cost.

This is the first time Victoria’s Secret has worked

with Atelier Swarovski to design Fantasy Bra,

which was presented by supermodel Elsa Hosk at

the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in

New York City. For the first time,

it emphasizes the characteristics of sustainability.

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