What jewelry should I wear for marriage?

Weddings are important to many people.

What jewelry should I wear for marriage?

How should jewelry match the wedding dress?

If you are very confused, let’s talk about this topic together.

1.Your wedding dress determines your jewelry color.

If your wedding dress is white, you should wear platinum or silver color jewelry.

If your wedding dress is ivory, you should wear gold color jewelry.

gold necklaceIf your wedding dress is pink, you should wear rose gold jewelry.

2.Your dress necktie is also related to what jewelry you wear.

If your dress is V collar, you should choose a multi-layer necklace or pendant necklace.


If your dress is a boat neck bare shoulders, you should choose a shorter necklace

The matching of Wedding and jewelry is really important.

We must choose the most suitable jewelry for our weeding.

I hope you are the brightest star at the wedding.

If you have better suggestions, please leave a message.

See you next time.

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