How to properly wear and maintain those exquisite jewelry?

For fine and beautiful jewelry, women will never be too many.
But jewelry also has their own characteristics, careful care and maintenance,
so they can accompany you more good time!
properly wear and maintain
From queen Elizabeth to princess Diana, from the maverick CocoChanel to Margaret thatcher,
known as the “iron lady”, jewelry meets the different fashion needs of intellectual and elegant women.
However, the life span of jewelry is limited, and the idiom “old pearl yellow” can best be described.
It’s important to choose a piece of jewelry that works with you,
but it’s also important to take care of and care for these “fragile” pieces to make them more attractive.
properly wear and maintain
Wear and collection
Be especially careful when wearing, undressing, or fixing your hair, or you may end up hanging or disfiguring the jewelry.
Remove jewelry before you fall asleep to avoid deformation or breakage.
Metal jewelry of different materials should be stored in different jewelry boxes to avoid the wear and color mixing caused by different hardness.
After wearing jewelry for a long time, the surface often loses its luster, and it is best to find a professional to clean. If you want to clean by yourself, you must choose the right way according to the jewelry material.
Avoid exposure to vinegar, juice, bleach, correction fluid and chemicals containing lead and mercury.
Had better wear adorn article again after making up, such can avoid perfume, cosmetic, erupt the material such as agent to the damage that produces to adorn article.

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